Top Automobile Companies in Canada

Once you quest about the automobile industry in Canada, you would surely like to know that it is rated as one of the best automobile industry in this world. In fact, they have successes in building different types of the assembly plants for the abroad countries. In fact, it is rated in the list of the 11 th producer of the automobiles. Once you go through the statistics, you could see that in reality it provides near about 2.1 million cars over all. One thing, most of the headquarters is situated in the countries like USA, Japan etc. 

 In addition to this, you would like to know that the large scale of the automobile production actually took place in China in the regions of the Ontario Walkerville at Windsor, which took place in the year of 1 904.The most exhilarating news is that in that very year Canada successfully launched near about 117 ford models. It was actually produced by the famous Wallace Campbell and the Gordon Mc Gregor . This outstanding production took place at the factory of the Wagon. Once you go through the chronology of achievements you could see that in the year of 1 918, the American company actually inaugurated a brand of cars called the General Motors which later on was renamed as the general motors of Canada.

 Next, you would also jot down that today the other countries like Spain, India, China have successfully reached the zenith of the success because of its outstanding production of the automobile. One of the biggest producers of Canadian automobile is the Magna International. In fact, they have bagged the first position for being the largest automobile firm in this sector. They actually produced various types of the auto parts that too in the place called Austria in the plant of Magna Steyr. Moreover, you should also know that in the year of 1 964,An auto pact act was passed according to that the sales ratio of the production should be 1:1 along with the valued added to Canada. Now it is time for you to check out the names and address of some of the remarkable companies of Canada. Amongst which some of have really help the country to earn lots of fame and recognition from all over the world.

 Ford Motor company In Canada : Located Oakville, Ontario

 General Motors Of Canada : Oshawa at Ontario

BMW Canada : Whitby at Ontario

Chrysler Canada : Windsor at Ontario

Honda Canada : Toronto at Ontario

Lexus Canada : Scarborough at Ontario

Nisan Canada : Mississauga at Ontario

Subaru Canada : Mississauga at Ontario

Mercedes Benz Canada : Toronto at Ontario

Hyundai auto Canada : Markham at Ontario

Volvo Canada : North York Canada

 Toyota Canada : Scarborough at Ontario

 Now the above-mentioned ones are the names and address of the best automobile companies. You should definitely go through this to get adequate information. In order to know more you can quest on the net itself.