Top Automobile Companies in Russia

It is a fact that automobile industry actually occupies the largest market of the country called Russia. Well the statistics of 2010 actually revealed that Russia ranks in the list of 15 th countries that excels in producing car all over the world. Over all, it accounts about 7% of production in the entire world. Once you check out the facts of 2010, you can see that over all the industry of automobiles has been segregated into four different types of the domain like the joint ventures, foreign brands producing the Russian companies, native brand producers, foreign OEMS. In fact, you would also see that most of the models that are being sold in Russia are actually produced by the aboriginal companies. 

When you go through the list, you would see that the Avtovaz lada is the one who has bagged the first position indeed. The best news is that Russia has surpassed the other countries like the Poland and Italy in the domain of producing cars. Recently they have declared that the e mobile would be actually segregated into three parts, which include hatchback, coupe or sedan and the delivery truck. News that is more exciting is that these parts would be produced in either the previous Soviet Union or the Russia itself. In addition to this, the automobile authority has also announced that in the initial year of 2012 they are targeting to sell near about 10,000 cars.

Moreover, they have fixed the price something between $10,000 to $14,500.Above all the intention of the producers is to simply touch the hearts of the milling users so that they can afford to have that without running out of pocket. In addition to this, you should also know that the sports car has also caught the craze of the market. The first trendy sports car, which was produced in Russia, was Marussia Motors.

Above all, one more project that has simply become cynosure amongst all is the Yo mobile, which is actually city type car, which was launched with the vision that it could burn any natural gas as well as the gasoline.

The extraordinary car was actually introduced in the year of 2010.In fact; the consequence was actually the result of two renowned companies. The next important that would make you stunned is that the automobile industry of Russia is also known for its Formula One team. In order to know more about the automobile industry of Russia, you need to take down the address and names of some of the topmost companies out there.

 Names – Address

AvtoVAZ : Located at Tolyatti in Russia

Avtotor : Located in Kaliningrad Oblast

Kamaz : Loacted in Tatarstan,Chelny in Russia

GAZ : situated at Nizhny Novgorod in Russia

These are the names and address of some of the best companies, which are providing impeccable service to the people all over the world. If you really hanker to know more about, the companies, then please do visit the site.