Top Automobile Companies in South Africa

The automobile industry of South Africa has stunned the entire world with its latest and innovative designs, which have rated it as one of the best indeed. In fact, it is marked for being the largest exported of the prolific vehicle parts and other turbo het tires. Economically the automobile segment has contributed a lot to the domain of the South African industry. In fact, you can see that it has accelerated the GDP of the country to about 6% on the other hand it has also enhanced the export of the country to about this is a real turning point of the country where it has posed a great rivalry to other competitors as well. 

 If you check out the statistics of the year 2010, you can see in that particular year near about 2,71000 cars were exported to other countries. If you count, on the direct employees of the automobile industry then you can see that it has extended to about 28,000 on the other hand if you see the manufacturing domain actually comprises near about 65,000 people. The industry has really stimulated the growth by giving employment to all these people. Apart from that, you can see that near about 6600 people were employed in the tire producing companies while the retail sector comprises of about 2000000.

 After going through all these, it is very natural that you have developed an idea where it tells that the government has notified the automobile industries as one of the most remarkable domain, which has helped the company to stand above the crowd. In fact, the growth of the country has made other to ogle at its achievements. In order to instigate the countrymen in the year nineteen ninety four, it has even started the Motor Industry development Program.

 Later on in the year of 2013, the country has decided to launch the other program named as the Automotive Production Development and Program. This would definitely play a very important role in speeding the gear of the country’s economy in this sector to about ranging from one to two million when it will be by the year 2020.Apart from this, they have also decided to increase the turnover of the country to the summit. These outstanding project ideas have magnetized the other alien vehicle investing companies. This definitely sounds well that South Africa would be one of the best-rated automobile manufacturing countries of the world. Now to know more, you need to jot down detail of some of the names and address of the best automobile companies.

 As you can see that South Africa has provided the best platform for foreign manufacturers like Volkswagen, Nissan, General Motors, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes Benz. Well you should definitely take into account that these investors has successfully contributed to the growth and development of the country. Now it is your turn to go through the topic to know in detail about various companies. Therefore, quest through to know the best.